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Room parties are an essential element of the culture and community Multiverse is building. Hosting a party is a great way to introduce people to your organization or event, mix and mingle with fellow fans, and show everyone a great time!

Please review the info, rules, and policies below, then click the brightly colored button at the bottom and fill out the application to be considered as a Multiverse Party Host.

*Special thanks* to CONvergence Convention for creating these policies and allowing Multiverse to borrow and adapt them.


While planning your party, we encourage you to offer both something that engages members who want to visit your party for a short time, and for those who want to stay longer.

Short visit suggestions:

  • Badge ribbons, stickers, temporary tattoos, or other swag to collect

  • Drinks or snacks

  • Short-duration games

  • Interesting decorations to explore

  • Photo booth

Longer visit suggestions:

  • Karaoke

  • Movies

  • Puzzles/Games

  • Conversations

  • Special Events or performances

Keep in mind: these two different types of visits will help you ensure that everyone who visits your party has a positive experience!


Parties are greatly encouraged to be open Friday and Saturday. Parties may host daytime activities in addition to their normal nighttime festivities.

Some example of daytime activities could be:

  • A casual gaming setting, e.g. a Super Smash Bros. tournament or board games

  • Cosplay or Stage makeup demos

  • Performances

  • Sing-alongs

  • Movie or TV show viewings

  • Sensory-friendly hours

  • Kid-friendly hours


Promoting your party to Multiverse members can help attract more people. Below are some suggestions to help you reach as many people as possible.

  • Get listed in the Multiverse Programming Guide and on the Parties page of the Multiverse website by submitting your party description to the Parties department.

  • At Multiverse, posters—and particularly posters for parties—can be a cultural phenomenon. Make eye-catching, clever, or weird posters for your party to grab the attention of Multiverse members and entice them through your door. Just be sure to adhere to poster hanging guidelines outlined in the Party Rules below.

  • Utilize social media! Add the official Multiverse tag (#Multiverse+the convention year, e.g. #Multiverse2019) to posts and tweets about your party. Make a Facebook event for your party and share it on the Multiverse Official Facebook Page. Make a custom Snapchat filter. There is a lot of opportunity to be creative and engaging on social media!

  • Put a barker or greeter at your door to attract people into your room. Just make sure they do not disrupt traffic through the hallways!


Serving food and non-alcoholic beverages is a great way to create a fun and inviting atmosphere for Multiverse members of all ages, not to mention help your party stand out as unique! Here’s what you need to know about serving food or non-alcoholic beverages.

  • There is no fee assessed by the hotel for serving food and non-alcoholic beverages in the party rooms.

  • At least one member of a party’s Core Staff must be Servsafe certified if that party serves food or beverages.


Here’s what you need to know about serving alcoholic food or beverages.

  • There is no extra cost for party rooms to serve alcohol.

  • If your party serves alcohol, at least one of your Core Staff must be TIPS trained.

  • IDs must be checked every time you serve someone alcohol, even if they’ve previously visited the room.

  • Checking IDs at the door, if your room is 21+, is not a substitute for checking IDs at the bar.

  • Hand stamps and wristbands are NOT valid ID, but they do make nice momentos.

  • Alcohol service is entirely at the server’s discretion and may be denied for any reason other than failure to tip.

  • Alcohol service should be denied to anyone the server feels is too drunk or disorderly.

  • Multiverse strongly encourages parties serving alcohol to also serve adequate non-alcoholic beverages, for partygoers who cannot or choose not to drink alcohol.

  • Remember you can always say no.


Keeping accessibility concerns in mind as you design the layout and features of your party will help ensure everyone who wants to visit is able to enjoy your party. Here are a few tips!

  • Make sure there is enough room for a wheelchair or a scooter to navigate through your party. The ADA specifies the minimum clear width for single wheelchair passage at 32 inches.

  • Many people cannot stand for long periods of time. Plan to have some seating available for those who need it. It is your choice whether you would like to mark it as accessibility seating, or open it up to everyone.

  • Many people have latex allergies and cannot share space with latex without risking a severe allergic reaction. To be welcoming to everyone, minimize the use of latex decorations for your party—especially latex balloons.

  • Food allergies and dietary restrictions among Multiverse members are just about as diverse as the members themselves. Help them know what they are able to enjoy in your party by making ingredient lists available on signs, laminated cards, or any other creative way you can devise.

  • Some people need a straw in order to drink. If you are serving drinks, plan to keep a few straws at hand for maximum accessibility. It is your choice whether you would like to make them freely-available or by-request.

  • If you plan to show video or a movie in your party, don’t forget to turn on the captions. This helps everybody out, as often parties can get loud.

  • If you plan to use special effects lighting in your party—including but not limited to strobe lights—consider posting an advisory outside your door about it. This small courtesy may just help prevent an accidental migraine or seizure!

  • Consider advertising sensory-friendly hours for your party for those who cannot handle the stimulus of large crowds, noise, or special lighting. You are sure to attract visitors who wouldn’t otherwise get to enjoy your party.


Yes, you may sleep in your party room. Keep in mind, though, that it can be very loud and parties often go well into the early morning.


Rooms are cleaned around 9:00am and 3:00pm. The hotel may assess additional charges if a request for trash removal is made at other times. Party hosts are responsible for storing their trash until removal occurs. Trash cannot be placed in the hallways outside of removal times.


Room supplies are the responsibility of party hosts. Multiverse will keep some limited supplies - useful, easily forgotten items to help in party setup and hosting. These supplies will be located in the 16th floor Multiverse ConSuite (Room 1602). In addition, rolls of blue tape will be available.


Party rooms cost approximately $159 per night, plus tax.

  • None of these are required, but most hosts budget for the following:

    • Snacks and drinks

    • Utensils, cups, bowls, etc

    • Plastic floor covering (carpet film)

    • Cleaning supplies

    • Flyers for promotion/marketing

    • Ice

    • A separate sleeping room

Party Hosts can probably expect to spend between $500 and $2,000 on the running of their party. However, what you spend depends on what you want to do. Less can be more. It’s very possible to host a fun party without a lot of extra expense.


Parties have been running at science fiction conventions since before the internet was widely available, and their funding models have always been diverse. There is no wrong way to fund your party, and there are many options available to you.

Fundraising options include:

  • A fundraiser within your own group or organization such as a raffle or fundraising dinner

  • Use of funds from garage sales, bake sales, auctions, etc.

  • Crowdfunding (using the platform of your group’s choice)

  • Sponsorship from local businesses or organizations

  • Personal funding from a member or members of a group

  • Personal funding from an individual

  • Other methods that are deemed legal and legitimate by Multiverse, the IRS, and the United States Federal Government

If you choose to fund your party via a crowdfunding website, there are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Parties may keep their crowdfunding active during the convention to allow people to donate electronically.

  • Parties may use QR codes or similar and have info about their crowdfunding in their room to make it easy for people to donate.

If you choose to fund your party via a sponsorship, please take note of the Sponsors section in the party rules below.


The Basics

  • Parties must comply with all Multiverse policies and party rules.

  • All party Core Staff, volunteers, and attendees must be registered Multiverse members.

  • Parties are expected to welcome any Multiverse member wearing a Multiverse badge, unless enforcing specific age restrictions.

  • Parties choosing to enforce any age restrictions must do so by checking government-issued identification (badges, wristbands, hand stamps, etc. are not valid identification).

  • Parties may accept voluntary donations, but cannot require them or suggest an amount. Nothing can be given in return for a donation. Service and/or access cannot be denied if someone does not make a donation. Fundraising during a party may not include gifts in exchange for donations.

  • Parties may be promoted via the Multiverse Programming Guide and website. Party descriptions for the programing guide should be 50 words or less, and submitted no later than August 15th of the convention year. Additional content may be added to the party descriptions for the website after this deadline.

  • Party descriptions are subject to editing and approval by Multiverse.

 Core Staff and Additional Volunteers

  • Core Staff are the main people responsible for running each party and may be involved in any combination of pre-con planning and preparations, move in, set up, tear down, and everything done for the party during the convention.

  • Parties should have at least two and may have up to four Core Staff.

  • One or two members of the Core Staff will serve as the primary contact(s) for the party and will receive emails from the Parties department and provide information when requested by Multiverse.

  • All parties must provide a list of responsibilities and duties for each member of their Core Staff.

  • Additional Volunteers are the people who assist with your party but don’t spend as much time and energy as members of the Core Staff or are focused only on specific tasks.

Laws and Ordinances

  • Party activities must comply with all federal, state, and local laws.  Room Parties are not considered private residences.

  • Over-serving alcohol is forbidden. Parties may not serve alcohol to guests who show signs of intoxication.

Additional Information

  • If a party is serving alcohol, at least one member of Core Staff must be TIPS certified. Multiverse Parties Department will confirm this prior to the convention.

  • If a party is serving anything consumable (including alcohol,) at least one member of the Core Staff must be Servsafe certified.

  • At least one member of Core Staff must be at least 18 years of age, physically present, awake, sober, and responsible during the all of the party’s stated hours of operation.

Party Signage and Decorations

  • Must abide by all Multiverse poster hanging policies, rules, and guidelines.

  • Must not be posted in the hotel before 11:00am on the Friday of the convention.

  • May not attach to hotel walls with damaging adhesives, and may not use puncturing fasteners such as staples, nails, or screws. Blue painter’s tape is the only acceptable adhesive.

  • May not obstruct thermostats, smoke detectors, fire sprinklers, or doorways.

  • Must not impede foot traffic in hallways.

  • May use tension rods, provided they do not damage surfaces.

  • May not include fog machines or dry ice.


  • If you would like a business or organization to formally sponsor your party at Multiverse, please let the Multiverse Parties Department know who your sponsor is and what is being provided so we are aware.

  • Multiverse does not lend its tax ID number to parties.

  • All Multiverse policies also apply to party sponsors and sponsored parties.

Rules Specific to Room Parties

  • Room Parties are typically held in sleeping rooms on the 16th floor of the Hilton.

  • Room Parties should operate for a minimum of 12 hours over the course of the convention, including the hours of 8:00 pm-2:00am Friday and Saturday nights, and must be active during their stated hours.

  • Room Parties are subject to inspection by the fire marshal.

  • Room Parties are non-smoking. This includes E-cigarettes and other vaporizing devices. Anyone wishing to smoke or vape will be welcomed in designated outside smoking areas.

  • Open flames are not permitted. Food may not be heated by flames or heating elements.

  • Room Parties must be wheelchair accessible.

  • Party hosts may restrict access to their bathroom, closets, or back room as “staff only” areas if desired.

  • Due to room wattage limits and circuit issues, air conditioners and other equipment with large power draws are not allowed. Please check with the parties department if you have specific questions on allowed equipment.

  • Furniture removal is not a service normally offered by the Hilton. If your party absolutely requires furniture removal, Hilton may be able to accommodate your request but will charge a fee in the range of $250 plus a fee for storage.

  • Party hosts are responsible for any hotel assessed damages and cleaning fees to their reserved party room and sleeping room. Please report existing damage to the hotel and to the Multiverse Parties department as soon as possible to avoid inaccurate charges.

  • Party room reservations are secured and billed in the same manner as sleeping room reservations. Rooms may only be reserved by adults 18 years of age or older.

  • Party cancellations must be submitted to both the Multiverse Parties Department and the Multiverse Hotel Relations Department. Failure to cancel by the posted deadline may result in charges by the Hilton.


  • The Multiverse 2019 party application will be open from now until August 31, 2019. Please note that submitting an application does not guarantee your party will be approved.

  • Party acceptance and “next steps” emails will be sent to party hosts by September 15, 2019. Please wait until after September 16, 2019 to send inquiries regarding party acceptance.


If there are more applications than available space, Multiverse will review all applications to select which applications are approved. Although there is no specific formula, many things are considered. Some of the criteria considered are listed below, in no particular order (thanks to CONvergence for the list):

  • How the party plans to engage patrons

  • “Fannish” appeal

  • Number of hours open

  • Daytime activities

  • Providing a useful service for the convention

  • Partnering with other conventions (Supporting other conventions is a part of the fan community)

  • Not overlapping another party in concept (Established parties would have priority)

  • Earlier date of application