IMPORTANT UPDATE: The 2019 Multiverse Volunteer Application is now closed.

If you are still interested in volunteering at Multiverse 2019, please email our Volunteer Director, Darie L.K. Wolfson, at volunteers@multiversecon.org. Otherwise, read on to learn more about volunteering at Multiverse, and we hope you’ll join us!

Multiverse could not exist without the dedicated help of true fans who volunteer their time and skills to make it all work. Whether you're coordinating a department or just spend a few hours checking members in at the gate, your contributions are the lifeblood of the Multiverse. It’s a great way to make friends and experience the convention from the inside. All people, interests, abilities, and skill levels are welcome! Details below…


Volunteering offers a great way to see what goes on behind the scenes of a con, as well as make new friends and support our charitable efforts. On top of that, all volunteers who work at least 12 hours during or prior to Multiverse 2019 will receive a full 3-day admission pass, an exclusive Multiverse t-shirt, collectible badge, and access to the volunteers-only party after the con shuts down. 


If you would like to volunteer at Multiverse, but didn't get a chance to coordinate with our Volunteer Department ahead of time, we may still need your help. Stop by the Information table next to the registration area and speak with a Coordinator about how you can lend a hand.



  • Opening Ceremonies: Help us plan and run the stage production as we welcome everyone and kick off Multiverse 2019!

  • Cosplay Show: stage crew to manage the cosplayers during the show, and backstage crew to help get them organized beforehand.

  • Room parties: stop by the late-night soirees and make sure everything is in compliance (but also fun).

  • Saturday Night Masquerade party: door crew to check ID, hand out wristbands, and sell open-bar tickets.


  • Panels: room monitors, moderators, etc. to make panel discussions run smoothly & on time.

  • Book Signings: line monitors & crowd control to keep things moving along for our author guests.

  • Demonstrations & Performances: room monitors, supply runners, etc. for some really interesting events.

  • Kaffeeklatches & Literary Beers: meeting facilitators & room monitors to help attendees and guests have a great time meeting each other.

  • Outdoor Events: they gave us an outdoor area to use, and by Glob we’re gonna use it! Events TBD :-)

  • Gaming Hall: volunteers will coordinate demos, manage the game library check-out/check-in process, and monitor games to make sure it doesn’t get too crazy in there.


  • Dealers Room: help make sure our Dealers have everything they need to sell, sell, sell.

  • Art Expo: help make our juried gallery-style art show a special experience. Retail experience helpful (there will be sales transactions & bookkeeping).

  • Charity Auction: acquire auction items, monitor bidding process, and tally contributions for a good cause.


  • Volunteer Helpers: help coordinate meetings & schedules of volunteers, handle volunteer badges & rewards, keep volunteers fed, hydrated, and rested.


  • Content updates: We want fun content going out on social media & our website nonstop during the weekend, so if that’s your thing, we can use you!

  • A/V equipment & services: experience preferred for this one, because electricity and stuff. Keep the mics working, speakers speaking, etc.


  • Marketing: help us distribute cool free swag to bookstores, game shops, comic stores, and other places before the con to get the word out.

  • Advertising: if you have a background in advertising or access to influential social media audiences, we probably want to talk to you.

  • Media relations: manage the experience of reporters, bloggers, and photographers as they cover Multiverse.


  • Load-in/load-out: pretty much what it sounds like - you’ll get a workout, but it’s one of the most important parts of the convention!

  • Logistics: make sure supplies get where they need and fires get put out. Metaphorical fires, of course.

  • Information Desk: you’ll be trained to know the answers to just about any question you could be asked, you wise oracle you.


  • Guest Services: make sure our participating Guests are taken care of; answer their questions, show them around, make sure they know where to be, and so on.

  • Con Suite: where we offer free food and drinks to attendees all weekend. If you like feeding people and making them happy, this might be your spot.

  • Green Room/Pro Lounge: the private space for participating professionals to meet, prepare for panels, & hang out away from the crowd.

  • Accessibility: help make Multiverse a truly welcoming event for our friends with disabilities.

  • Safety Team: the #1 most important aspect of Multiverse is safety for everyone involved. Help monitor entrances, check badges, enforce the Code of Conduct, and respond to incident reports. CPR cert. is a +