This is Year One, so we’re all technically newbies here! Some of us have been to many cons before, and for some of us, Multiverse is our very first. Either way, here are some handy tips, tricks, and plans to make sure you have the best time possible at Multiverse 2019. As always, remember to follow the Code of Conduct, respect your fellow Multiversians, and don’t be afraid to try something new! 

*Special thanks to the excellent folks at JordanCon for letting us borrow liberally from their own Newbie Guide


  • Google the Guests before you get to Multiverse. The Multiverse 2019 Guest list is a knockout lineup of some of the best authors, artists, cosplayers, filmmakers, and game designers working today. You might discover something new that you’ll love, or you might even recognize their work even though you didn’t know it was them. Get to know our Guests and come prepared to get your stuff signed—or buy something at the con and have it personalized while you’re here.

  • Tracks and panels: Multiverse is organized into nine “tracks”, divided by topic. At any given time you’ll have at least nine activities to choose from. Guests will lead panels on all kinds of topics related to science fiction, fantasy, horror, gaming, writing, and scientific/academic topics. In addition, we have the “MEET” track (full of fun interactive social opportunities), the “GATHER” track (parties, fandom meetups, live events), and the “CREATE” track, (learn how to make something cool). Learn more about the Multiverse 2019 schedule here, and don’t forget to download the app (for iPhone or Android)!

  • Social Activities: Afraid you won't know anybody? Hit up the speed-friending panel—a perfect way for newbies to meet both other newbies and con veterans. Want to find folks who are just as excited about Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, Dr. Who, Stranger Things, or whatever you like? Join one of the "GATHER" track's many Fandom Meetup events. Don't forget about the Con Suite in room 1602 as a hangout spot too, it has food!

  • Gaming Hall: Here’s the place to open-play tons of different games on site and make new friends around the gaming tables. DnD, Magic: the Gathering, Settlers of Catan, Cards Against Humanity - whatever games you’re into, the Gaming Hall is where you’ll want to be. While you're there, check out the Gaming discussions and demos going on - you might discover your next favorite game!

  • Interested in a Workshop? Be prepared! Is pre-registration required? Are there any costs involved? Do you need to bring your own materials? The Multiverse website will keep you up to date. The best way to get into your top-pick workshops is to be informed and prepared!


  • Evening entertainment: After the dinner break, panels get a little… sillier… come evening. Hey, we all have to let loose sometimes. Send the kids to bed and get ready to cut loose! NOTE: All of our panels are all-ages, although some panels and activities after 9PM may involve more “adult” discussion topics. Check the program for descriptions.

  • Multiverse Masquerade (Sat. Night): Trust us, you won’t wanna miss this dance party! Here’s your chance to dress up and represent your favorite universe: Wakanda or Westeros, Tatooine or Tar Valon, Gallifrey or Gondor, wherever you’re from, show up and show off! The Multiverse Masquerade starts at 8:00 p.m. with an original DJ set by guest Alex White, then a set of your favorite danceable tunes by one of our favorite local DJs. Drinks will be served (there’s a pre-paid open bar option, as well as a cash bar available), costumes will be on display, and much fun will be had. And at 11:00 p.m., stick around for an awesome nerd-themed burlesque show! More details coming soon…

  • Room parties: our fellow conventions and other organizations like to promote themselves, and that means more fun for everyone! Keep an eye out for posters, note the room numbers and times for those room parties—you won’t want to miss them. You’ll meet lots of new people, maybe have a drink or two, and perhaps discover another convention you might like to add to your wish list!


  • The Multiverse Art Expo: We’ve brought together some of the most amazing artists in the sci-fi, fantasy, horror, and surrealist genres to wow you with their creations. Stop by Grand Salon A (or enter from the Dealers’ Room) and see this incredible artwork up close in our spacious, gallery-style art space. Most of the art on display is up for auction, and some you can buy in print form. Don’t forget to vote for your favorites in the show! Learn about the Expo & artists here.

  • Dealers’ Room: Here’s where to get all the cool geeky souvenirs and stuff you won’t find anywhere else. The Dealers’ Room has dozens of dealers selling everything from books to art, collectibles, figurines, games, comics, clothing, jewelry, original crafts, and more. You can even get a quick rejuvenating massage! Stop by between panels and shop to your heart’s content. Don’t forget to visit the Read It Again bookshop right inside the main entrance and pick up your books for signing...

  • Multiverse Charity Auction: 100% of the proceeds from the Multiverse 2019 Charity Auction go to benefit RAICES (Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Services). Get a cool, geeky item for yourself while also helping a great organization address the humanitarian crisis at the U.S./Mexico border. You don’t have to bid on anything to participate; if you’d just like to help out with a donation, stop by the auction table and our friendly team will be happy to help you help others.

  • Costuming: Costumes are optional, but don’t be afraid to dress up - we promise you won’t be the only one! Cosplay adds color and fun to the halls of a convention. Multiverse welcomes everyone to cosplay as anyone (or anything) they like - it’s all about self-expression and having a good time. If you’re feeling up to it, enter Saturday Evening’s Cosplay Showcase and let everyone appreciate your handiwork! NOTE: Please be respectful of our cosplayers and costumers—don’t touch, and if you want pics, ask first. Be sure to abide by the Multiverse Code of Conduct including the weapons policy.


  • Stay on site if you can: Partying can go well into the early hours, and time flies when you’re having fun. By the end of the night, you won’t want to travel very far to rest your head. Grab a room on-site and relax, maybe find a friend and split the cost—you’ll be glad you did. Book ahead of time if possible, because there’s a limited number of rooms available at our special Multiverse discounted rate (special rate ends Sept. 26th).

  • Use MARTA: Whether you're local or coming from out of town, we recommend using the local MARTA train system if possible. MARTA is a great cost-effective way to travel between Multiverse and anywhere in the city, including straight to/from the airport. It'll also help you avoid dealing with traffic and parking. The closest MARTA station to Multiverse is Airport Station. Just take the Red or Gold Line all the way south to the end of the line. Once you arrive, follow the signs for "Ground Transport," which will quickly take you out of the airport to meet the free Hilton shuttle, or to call a cab or rideshare.

  • Download the app: The interactive Multiverse app is a great way to sort out your schedule, learn about our guests, remember important points of interest, and find where you want to go. Download it from the iPhone App Store or Google Play Store.

  • Pre-Register: The three-day membership price is cheaper if you register online before the con (plus you’ll get through the line faster), so hop on over and register here. 

  • Volunteer: If you don’t know anyone, volunteering can be an excellent way to meet new folks and get comfortable with what’s going down at Multiverse. If you’re interested in helping to make it all happen, click here! All experience and ability levels are welcome.

  • Wear comfortable footwear: Self-explanatory, but easy to forget. Trust us, wear your most comfortable shoes, the ones that you could stand in for 24 hours if you had to. You’ll be glad you did. If you need to rest, there will be plenty of places to sit down for a few and take a load off.

  • Food: The Hilton features three restaurants and a store, and the Multiverse program book will also have a guide to restaurants in the area (including ones that deliver). Still, it’s smart to pack yourself a few quick and easy snacks for when you realize you forgot to eat. NOTE: the Con Suite in Room 1602 is a hospitality suite for all Multiverse members, providing FREE snacks, meals, and drinks every day of the con. It’s also a hangout spot and a good place to meet people. Check the program or app for operating hours and menus. There might be lines around regular mealtimes, so plan accordingly.

  • Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Just like eating, it’s easy to forget to drink water while you’re caught up in the fun of a con. Dehydration is a common issue; thankfully there will be jugs of ice water located outside the meeting rooms. Bring your own reusable water bottle to refill over the weekend–your drink won’t look like everyone else’s, it will hold more than the glasses offered by the hotel, and it’ll be less likely to spill.

  • Sleep: Sleep when you can, if you can. The three most important things to manage over a con weekend are eating, hydrating, and sleeping. Do the best you can with all three, but at the very least, make sure you get two of them right. If you get two right, the third one won’t hit you as hard.

  • Read your program: This sounds like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised. Your program tells you everything you need to know over the weekend, plus it makes a great souvenir.

  • Dress comfortably: The hotel has air conditioning and it can be chilly at times. Bring layers of clothing you can put on, or take off, as needed. Plan ahead so you can make it work with your costume.

  • Remembering stuff: In all the hustle and bustle and excitement, it’s easy to forget where things are… where the Con Suite is, where your friend’s room is, where your own room is… start a memo on your phone to keep track of all those pieces of information. Also make sure you have a program and have downloaded the mobile app (for iPhone or Android). And of course you’re always welcome to ask one of our helpful volunteers or visit the Info Desk.

  • Pre-order your con shirt (COMING SOON): It’s a souvenir and clean clothes in one! Remember to pre-order your Multiverse shirt to ensure it’s here for you to pick up at the convention. We can only print a limited run and you must pick it up in person at the con. If you don’t pre-order, we might not have your size left.