Director of Programming: Richard Fife

Multiverse offers a broad and exciting selection of panels, gaming, book signings, cosplay, art, parties, demos, workshops, and special events across all three days of the convention.

Programming will start at 1pm Friday, October 18th, with the Opening Ceremonies and continue through to 4pm Sunday, October 20th, with the Closing Ceremonies. Panel and event blocks will last 60 minutes unless otherwise noted, and there will be a 30 minute gap between the end of one block and the start of the next. Access to programming and events is included with your convention membership unless otherwise noted (typically for workshops that have a materials cost). We will release a detailed programming schedule closer to the convention start date.

There are 9 “Tracks” of programming at Multiverse:


Three rooms all about geeking out over your favorite things. These tracks are divided broadly by genre:

  • GEEK: Sci-Fi: Artificial intelligence. Biotech hackers. Cybernetic organisms. Digital immortality. Exocortex systems. First contact. Galactic empires. Hive minds. Interstellar travel. Whew! There’s SO MUCH to talk about in science fiction, we can't fit it all into one weekend...but we’re going to try!

    Track Director: K. Ceres Wright

  • GEEK: Fantasy: Sorcerers, mages, wizards, witches, thaumaturges, the Maiar, wielders of the One Power? Check! Warders, African-inspired Mfundishi, Mesopotamia-inspired Akkadians, Norse inspired berserkers, Asian inspired Shifu and Samurai, European knights and rogues, Islamic Nizari Ismailis-inspired Assassins? Check! Thieves, bards, cavaliers, and clerics? Yes! Dragons, Myrddraal, Trollocs, Nazgûl, Soulcatchers, giant birds, and shadow creatures? Sure, we’ve got all that… but so much more too! From Epic Fantasy to traditional Sword and Sorcery, from Urban Fantasy to Sword & Soul to Dark Fantasy and Magical Realism - come experience all the weird, wonderful, and fantastical worlds the Fantasy track has to offer!

    Track Director: Gerald Coleman

  • GEEK: Horror: The human mind is fascinated by fear. Monsters, murderers, the supernatural, things that go bump in the night, and all the thrills and chills that go with them. From the silver screen to the printed page, we will explore the antagonists that make us shiver… and uncover why we keep coming back for more. If you like to be scared, you’ll love what we have in store for you!

    Track Director: L. Marie Wood

Game Room Coordinator: Phil Collins
Track Director: Sean Hillman

The Multiverse Gaming Room is a fun, comfortable space to meet up with friends (or make new ones) and play, buy, and learn the best tabletop, collectible/card, and RPG games. The Gaming Room is also a place to enjoy fascinating panels and discussions on game design and creation.

Track Director: Venessa Giunta, Assistant Director: Robbie Hilliard

All about the business, craft, and art of writing. A mix of workshops and panel discussions for writers of all experience & career levels. Come hear what our accomplished publishing professional have to say about the writing life; get exclusive advice and tips, ask questions, and walk away with a new perspective to help you become the best writer you can be.

Track Director: Lanie Barmore

Make something cool and take it with you, or learn a neat new skill! Workshops on all sorts of geeky crafts, such as chainmail, stained glass, bookbinding, costuming, and more! Space is limited and requires advanced signup and, in some cases, a workshop fee. Specific workshop subjects TBD.

Track Director: Gigi Eng

A place to meet and interact with creators and other fans! A mix of games, activities and dynamic discussions where you can get to know the people behind the creations you love, in a low-stress and fun environment. Find out what other interests you share, the cool stuff about them that you won’t hear anywhere else, and maybe make a new friend or two on the way. Come discover something new, and create happy memories that can only happen here!

Track Director: Rhonda Jackson Joseph

Come feed your brain some tasty new information. LEARN is a track of interesting, accessible academic presentations designed for the discerning geek who’s always curious and seeking knowledge. From obscure history to cool new science, there’s something in LEARN to pique anyone’s interest.

If you are interested in doing an academic presentation for the Multiverse LEARN track, please review our Call for Papers regarding presentation guidelines.

Track Director: TBD

Live podcasts, Speed friending, Karaoke, Dance Parties, Cosplay Showcases, and "The Geeky Gathers" where you can find your tribe and just talk about your favorite fandoms. This is the big room, the Nexus of the Multiverse.