Invited Guests at Multiverse are qualified individuals (industry professionals such as writers, artists, performers, scientists, or those with other specialized knowledge and experience) who present their credentials to Multiverse and who are then extended an invitation to the convention. An Invited Guest is expected to hold credentials or expertise that will be of interest to the Multiverse community and enhance the experience of Multiverse’s members through their participation in Multiverse programming. This may include panels, demonstrations, presentations, or other events negotiated with the convention. All Invited Guests are expected to be willing to participate in a minimum of three panels or other scheduled events during the course of the convention.

Invited Guests are listed on the Also Appearing page of the Multiverse website and have their name listed in the Multiverse programming guide for the year of their Multiverse appearance. We will promote many of our Invited Guests and their work in our social media posts throughout the year. Invited Guests are also welcome to publish PDF press releases regarding their current work and their Multiverse appearance on Multiverse’s website.

Invited Guests who have books or products to promote will have the opportunity to offer their books for sale all weekend in the Multiverse Book Shop, located prominently in the Dealers' Hall. A limited number of Invited Guests (as many as time will allow) will also have the opportunity to meet fans and sell/sign books for one-hour blocks at the Authors' Table in Multiverse Central.


Click the button below to apply for Invited Guest status. The Multiverse 2019 Invited Guest application will be open from now until September 30, 2019.

  • Each individual who wishes to be a Multiverse Invited Guest must submit an application each year that they wish to be considered.

  • An Invited Guest may choose to purchase a Multiverse membership or may request a complimentary membership to the convention.

  • Complimentary memberships are offered at the discretion of Multiverse, with the approval of the convention chair, and are approved for one year only.

  • An Invited Guest who receives a complimentary membership one year will not automatically receive one in subsequent years; a new application must be submitted, approved, and invitation issued each year.

  • An individual is considered an Invited Guest only after they have submitted an application AND been issued an invitation by the convention.

There are a limited number of Invited Guest slots and complimentary memberships available each year, so unfortunately the convention cannot extend an invitation to everyone who applies. Invited Guests are selected based on the needs of the convention in any given year, so even if you don’t receive an invite one year, don’t let that discourage you from applying in the future!