WHO ARE WE? We’re speculative fiction fans. We’re fans of great stories, specifically stories of the supernatural, the fantastic, the futuristic, the heroic and weird and wonderful. Science fiction, comics, fantasy fiction, games, fantastical art, horror fiction, steampunk - great stories come in all forms, and at Multiverse, we celebrate them all!

WHY DO WE DO THIS? Because great stories don’t only come from books and comics. Every fan is their own universe with their own unique story to tell, and added together, those stories make up the Multiverse of fandom. We created Multiverse Science Fiction & Fantasy Convention to bring fans together for a weekend of geeky fun in a place where everyone is welcomed, respected, and appreciated. We hope you’ll join us!


When: October 18-20, 2019

Where: Hilton Atlanta Airport, 1031 Virginia Ave., Atlanta, GA 30354.

How: Register your Multiverse 2019 Membership here. (available 11/1/18)


We have an awesome weekend of fannish fun planned for you! Panels, shopping, cosplay, gaming, parties, and more! Click the links below to learn more about the activities you can expect to enjoy at Multiverse 2019.