Sherlock Con Game.jpg


Join a ‘Verse! Explore the Convention! Meet new friends! Earn chances at amazing prizes! Help your ‘Verse dominate the Multiverse!

Read on to learn all about the Con Game…


  1. Attend the “Con Game Kickoff” Friday at 2:30 in GATHER BC, or go to the PLAY track to register.

  2. Each day, fill out your daily card by seeking out the Secret Words in track rooms and up at the Con Suite.

  3. Each day, find and swap stickers with members of other ‘Verses. Make new friends! You should seek to swap with new people every day.

  4. Once you have your card filled out (or as filled out as you think you’ll get it), turn it in at the PLAY track for tickets and to score points for your ‘Verse.

  5. Put your tickets in either one of the Daily Prize drawing boxes, or the Grand Prize drawing box.

  6. Drawing winners will be announced at 9:00 AM Saturday and Sunday via the app, and also Sunday at Closing Ceremonies.


  1. Do not disrupt panels by coming and going just to get the Secret Word. Please be respectful and stay and enjoy the panel.

  2. Do not litter. Please make sure trash goes in a trash receptacle, and stickers are ONLY placed on game cards.

  3. Lost cards, stickers, and tickets will not be replaced.

  4. Your donations and purchases at the Charity Auction can count towards your ‘Verse too!

  5. Most importantly, have fun, and thanks for playing!