Advertise in our Program Book!

BUY STUFF! BUY STUFF! Er, sorry. 💸💸 We have one more guest to announce next week...and then after...we'll be introducing some of our dealers! Art, books, crafts, and more—we'll have things to buy galore! 💸💸
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Need some more eyes on your merch, products, and services? Look no further, friend: you can advertise in our 2019 Program Book!

And doing so may be the best decision you make all millennium…

The Program Book, which contains the con’s scheduling, maps, and other important information, will be distributed for free to all Multiverse 2019 attendees. The print run is expected to be approximately 1,000 copies—that’s a lot of potential customers!

See below for our ad specs and pricing:

Quarter Page (Vertical)2.5” x 4”$100
Quarter Page (Horizontal)5.25” x 1.875”$100
Half Page (Vertical)2.5” x 8.25”$150
Half Page (Horizontal)5.25” x 4”$150
Full Page5.25” x 8.25”$200
Inside Front/Back Cover5.25” x 8.25”$250
Back Cover5.25” x 8.25”$300
Centerfold10.50” x 16.50”$400

Interested? Of course you are!

Email inquiries to:

Deadline for ad submissions: third week of September 2019.

Remember, good files:

  • …are in Adobe PDF format (print-ready/fonts embedded)…

  • …or are high-res JPEG files (300 dpi at 100% of original artwork size)…

  • …and have no bleeds (since the program book printed playbill style)…

  • …and are no more than 25MB.

Bad files:

  • …include low-res images…

  • …or are in an improper file format (like Microsoft Word).

Ads that do not conform to the above specifications may be returned for revision, and all formatting and content are subject to approval by Multiverse. Multiverse reserves the right to reject any ad and refund the purchase price.

Email inquiries to:

Deadline for ad submissions: third week of September 2019.